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Please also note that certain photos in this gallery were photographed from within the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) administered areas of the Aoraki-Mt Cook National Park. As such those images are not available for sale at this time even as Fine-Art-Photographs (Artworks), as they still fall under DOC’s definition of a commercial-activity and are therefore subject to concession fees and permits. Once this is resolved satisfactorily, we may look at releasing those images for sale as Artworks in the future. In the meantime please enjoy them as being demonstrative examples of the magnificent alpine area that makes up the Aoraki-Mt Cook National Park.

At 3,724 M high, and located deep in the heart of the South Island of New Zealand, Aoraki-Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain. The massif forms an imposing centre-piece for the National Park that bears it’s name.

To the people of Ngai-Tahu, the mountain, Aoraki, represents the most sacred of ancestors, from whom Ngai-Tahu have descended. The ancestor within the mountain is the physical manifestation of Aoraki and is the link between the natural and supernatural. The saying ‘he kapua kei rungai i Aoraki, whakarewa whakarewa’ refers to the clouds that frequently enshroud the mountain. Aoraki does not always open up to visitors, just as a great chief isn’t always available for an audience. It is up to Aoraki to choose when to emerge from his cloak. A cloak of power and influence that is beyond mortals, symbolising the mana of Aoraki.