Photographic Artworks

  1. Note that not all artworks on the site are available for purchase, and / or are only available for specific purposes
  2. Available artworks can be purchased in a range of styles and finishes; there are too many options to list here so please enquire
  3. Some artworks will suit particular styles better than others; we will advise of this during your initial enquiry
  4. All artworks are copyright © Alan W MacKay / Koru Wilderness Images. Copyright is not transferable. Any onsold artworks may be on-sold only if this same condition is passed onto subsequent purchasers
  5. We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide licence to hold and display a single copy of the purchased artwork. This licence does not permit the artwork to be used for advertising nor for any other purposes
  6. For additional copies, an additional licence will be required
  7. Contact us for licencing options for advertising or other purposes including but not limited to NFTs
  8. Colours and general appearance of artworks may vary between computer systems and screen setups. Colours should only be taken as indicative of the finished artwork colours
  9. Any shipping/freight will be calculated seperately and you will be advised of this at the time of enquiry
  10. Artworks will only be shipped once full payment is recieved
  11. This website does not represent an exhaustive list of our works; please enquire


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